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Magazine Articles

“Jewish Injustice: on the role of women witnesses.” Tikkun, May 2, 2022.

This article is on the subject of laws surrounding witnesses to Ketubah signing, with particular emphasis on the legal rights of women. In some Jewish denominations, women are excluded as witnesses on ketubot signing. I argue such exclusion perpetuates injustices against women.


“The Aim to Transmit Knowledge: a commitment to epistemic uniformity” (in progress)

“Distinguishing Two Epistemic Frameworks: Comparing Quine to Wittgenstein” (in progress)

“Narrowing the Philosophy Gender Gap by Building Skills and Community,” co-authored with Darby Vickers, Philosopher (in progress)

“Equity in the School of Physical Sciences at UCI,” co-authored with Dr. Mu-Chun Chen, Physics and Astronomy (in progress)