Research Interests

I work in the fields of epistemology and education. In particular, I explore when novices are rationally justified to rely on experts (essentially deferring judgment), and when it is rationally justifiable to rely on one’s self-knowledge. Under certain epistemological frameworks, reliance on expert testimony presents a problem: the more known about the world, the fewer percentage of rational beliefs an individual can hold. I also consider how novice epistemic-agents might be disadvantaged, or subject to injustices, by institutions and agent-based relations that privilege expertise. Approaching these issues with attention to our democratic society is important. Might virtues-training in K-12 schools allow agents to do well in life? Should society put in place systems and institutions to help individual’s make rational choices? I think the connection between epistemic authority (and the role of experts), education and democracy is pertinent to how laypeople form opinions.